Sports and Entertainment Technology Alliance Partners



The Sports and Entertainment Technology Alliance was created to foster education on current and new technologies, and promote best practices for safer and smarter schools, sport and entertainment venues and events.


The Alliance is the driving force for identifying innovative safety and security solutions through integrated technology design, development, and process enhancement with respect to sport venue operations management and associated first responder capabilities.


The primary goal of the Technology Alliance is to test technology against use cases and threats to proposed new smart technologies for the Stadium and School 2025 projects.

Invest in the Future with a Technology Alliance Partnership

  • Research critical safety and security issues driven from the Department of Homeland Security, other agencies, and the National Advisory Council that need specific research treatment.

  • Partners receive access to NCS4’s National Security Sports Laboratory (NSSL). NSSL capabilities include a discounted basis for Lab Tested Designation, installation of technology for operations, research and training programs.
  • Technology Alliance Partners also have access to other tested solutions for integration and full use of the NSSL for meetings and functions.

  • Within the knowledge portal, partners receive exclusive access to a comprehensive knowledge repository of good practices in all aspects of sport security technology.
  • The knowledge portal functions as an online collaborative platform where experts can share, discuss, analyze, and publish information on evolving aspects of sports and entertainment security technology.

  • The National Sports Safety and Security Conference is a national environment to disseminate technology products, research, and whitepapers regarding the work and findings of members as well as the working groups. As Technology Alliance partners, you’ll receive discounts on exhibiting technology and participating in presentations at the Technology Alliance Pavilion.

  • Participate in special working groups to explore and design safety and security solutions for Smart Stadiums and Schools Twenty25. The working groups will develop the new models through collaborative projects, testing new integrated solutions with safety and security best practices, creating standards, and developing white papers.

  • Work with leading sport security professionals and subject matter experts to solve common problems. All Technology Alliance Partners are expected to maintain an active participation in all working groups.
  • The available working groups include:
    • Digital Content Management
    • Integrated Security System
    • Building Automation System
    • Event Management System
    • Crowd Management
    • Network Management
    • Command and Control Center

Return on Investment

Meet industry security thought leaders from professional, collegiate, international, and high school entities.

Receive access to and input from Security Industry Association leadership and efforts for political action committees and government advisement on various security industry issues in front of U.S. legislation.

Build your corporate brand as an innovative solution provider dedicated to solving critical sports and entertainment security issues. Use of Technology Alliance investment as part of your marketing materials including your Lab Tested Designation.

Receive compliance through independent supervision of tests by NSSL.

Partners have primary access to join domestic and international training programs.

Enjoy branding on NCS4’s website, permission to market your Lab Tested Designation, and whitepapers can be used for marketing material.