_CSSP Review Course

CSSP Review Course

Gaining distinction as a CSSP sets you apart from other professionals and brings credit to your organization. If you’re ready for greater recognition, the CSSP will validate your expertise in sport and event security management and help you stand out to employers, stakeholders and peers.

To help you prepare for the CSSP exam, the NCS4 offers an accelerated review course that provides a high-level overview of key concepts and principles assessed on the CSSP exam. Each module provides participants with a renewed understanding of principles, practices, and procedures applicable to the work performed by today’s sport and event safety and security professionals.

The review course is online and enables you to identify areas of strength and weakness and develop a personalized plan of study. Experienced instructors will guide you through each of the content domains covered on the exam, while engaging in group discussion and interactive learning activities. Practice test questions with immediate feedback help you identify areas for further study and assess your readiness to take the actual exam.

The review course is intended to supplement other exam preparation activities. Participation in review courses does not guarantee success on the certification exam.

CSSP exam domains:

Disclaimer: The New Online CSSP Review Course is usually reserved for CSSP candidates that have applied and been approved to take the CSSP Exam. If you would like more information, please visit the NCS4 website at https://www.ncs4.com/professionaldevportal/certifications/cssp/getting-started

Review Course Cost: $425


For other resources and course offerings that will assist candidates in preparing for the CSSP Exam please see page 11 of the Certified Sport Security Professional Candidate Handbook for TheAuthoritative Reference List.