Certified Sport Security Professional (CSSP)

The intent of the CSSP certification program is to establish standardized competencies among individuals holding leadership positions in the sports security industry and to ensure that the most current techniques, strategies and solutions are used to mitigate safety and security risks inherent to spectator sport venues.

The CSSP certification focuses on advancing the sports safety and security industry by addressing the competency requirements of current security professionals and those related professionals in law enforcement, emergency management, government, public safety, human resources, and event management, among others. These individuals work at the middle and upper levels of an organization and may be responsible for creating security related policies, procedures, operating plans, creating and delivering training, and overseeing the selection of other venue and event personnel and/or event personnel providers (vendors). They serve in a command capacity during events and ensure that event plans are being properly followed and also provide upper level supervision of event personnel and/or event personnel providers.

The CSSP designation is awarded to individuals who meet the education and experience criteria, and who demonstrate the requisite knowledge, skill and ability by successfully completing the CSSP multiple choice examination. Individuals who earn the CSSP certification are required to complete ongoing requirements through continuing education and contributions to the profession. For more information about the CSSP certification, please request a copy of the CSSP Candidate Handbook.

This certification program was developed with the support of the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security.



For more information, contact Kelley Gonzales at Kelley.Gonzales
@usm.edu or 601.266.4615.