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As you are aware, the COVID-19 virus is disrupting operations and travel across the world, and requires organizations to revise their risk management plans. The University of Southern Mississippi continually updates its operational guidance based on federal, state, and local public health guidelines, including the Governor of Mississippi's executive orders. In order to promote the health of Mississippi residents, USM's administration has directed University faculty and staff to work from home. Faculty and staff are restricted from traveling, and visits are prohibited to any USM locations. In order to comply with these administrative changes and travel restrictions, the NSSL has suspended its lab activities, including lab tests and product reviews, until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to resuming work with you when we are able to do so.

National Sport Security Laboratory

Testing and evaluation of safety and security equipment, systems, and processes


Product Review

  • For companies who want to enter the sports security industry and/or prototypes.
  • Determine applicability of product to sports/entertainment industry.
  • Qualitative industry feedback on prototypes.
  • Can be used for product and market development.
  • Can be used in a business plan.
Written summary of proceedings, including key discussion items, feedback and recommendations from subject matter experts, and proposed next steps.
Estimated Timeframe*
Two months
Estimated Cost**

Product Snapshot

  • For companies and/or products already used in the sport security industry.
  • Demonstrate a product’s current capabilities in a laboratory environment for one day or less.
  • Qualitative industry feedback on current capabilities.
  • Can be used for marketing.
  • Can be used in a business plan.
Written summary of proceedings, including key discussion items, and feedback and recommendations from subject matter experts.
One Month
Estimated Cost**

Product Evaluation

  • For companies and/or products already used in the sport security industry.
  • Quantitatively assess product performance based on company-determined criteria.
  • Qualitative feedback from subject matter experts evaluating the product.
  • Can be used for marketing.
  • White paper containing evaluation matrix, score for each evaluation criteria, and SME comments.
  • Whitepaper will be shared via NCS4’s channels if company wishes.
  • Companies may use the NSSL Lab Tested designation when Evaluation is complete.
  • Companies may be recognized at future NCS4 conferences and events.
Estimated Timeframe*
Three Months
Estimated Cost**

Product Showcase (designated NSSL Lab Tested Products only)

  • Demonstrate a product’s capabilities in a live environment – company must maintain the product for the length of the contract.
  • Can be used for research, development, and marketing.
Product is applied at USM facilities or a designated facility.
One year initial contract, may be extended for additional years.
Estimated Cost**
No cost. Company is responsible for the commissioning, maintenance, and decommissioning of the product.

*The Product Review, Evaluation, and Snapshot timeframes are estimates. Actual time required depends on many factors, including but not limited to matrix development (Product Evaluation only), type of venue and/or event required, characteristics of the product (e.g., set-up time), time required for the final write-up (e.g., a Product Evaluation matrix with many evaluation points will take longer to write up than one with fewer), SME schedules, and time required for the actual Review, Evaluation, or Snapshot.
**These costs are estimates. They may change based many factors, including but not limited to type of venue and/or event required, number of SMEs, SME travel distance and mode of transportation, and length of time required for Product Review, Evaluation, and Snapshot.
Questions? Contact Christopher J. Kinnan, National Sport Security Laboratory Manager, at 601-266-6186 or

Below are the steps included in the evaluation process:
  1. Candidate product/process screening
  2. Establish a vendor agreement (based on criteria)
  3. Prepare operational/technical requirements
  4. Define evaluation approach/establish weighted criteria (if applicable)
  5. Peer review by industry evaluators with necessary domain knowledge
  6. Execute evaluation/assessment
  7. Analyze test results
  8. Produce evaluation report

There are numerous benefits to having your solutions evaluated through NCS4's National Sports Security Laboratory.

Solution Providers

  • Access to sport venue environment for design, development and testing prior to exposure in an operational environment
  • Market awareness and recognition through NCS4 communication channels
  • Catalyst for continous improvement
  • Connection of solution providers with the sports safety and security industry

End Users

  • Awareness of new solutions
  • Observation of solutions operating in a sport envrionment
  • Informed decision-making prior to procurement and deployment


  • Development of industry standards based on research and application
  • Connection of solution providers with sports safety and security community
  • Reduction of cycle time for appropriate solutions to reach end users
  • Reduction of costs for both solution providers and end users

The National Sport Security Laboratory (NSSL) applies technology and theory relative to sports safety and security through evaluation, integration and education. The facility offers the opportunity to research and develop technologies, create proofs of concept, validate capabilities and educate the sport safety and security industry on the application of new and existing technologies. Integrated technologies are made available to practitioners and students for demonstration, training and exercises in an effort to enhance national sport safety and security preparedness.

Product Evaluations:

Solution providers interested in attaining the “Lab Tested” designation for a product can have their solution validated in an operational environment by industry and subject matter expert. Successful completion results in attaining the “Lab Tested” designation, inclusion in NCS4 information programs, and special recognition at NCS4 events. Following an evaluation, solution providers are provided with a report for distribution. NCS4 maintains an Evaluated Product List as a resource for practitioners seeking safety and security solutions.

Product Reviews:

Solution providers interested in gathering market intelligence or industry feedback on products can participate in a product review. The NCS4 will facilitate the process of connecting solution providers with practitioners to assist in creating product value proposition and building industry relations.

Training and Education:

Solution providers interested in training and educating practitioners can work with NCS4 to create customized curriculum and training opportunities.

To get started, contact Christopher Kinnan at 601.266.6186 or

How long does an evaluation take?

The length of an evaluation depends largely on the solution provider. NCS4 works directly with solution providers to define product capabilities and evaluation criteria. Once the scope of work is defined, the evaluation process can begin. The entire process takes a minimum of 2 months and take much longer if required. In short, the process is designed to allow solution providers to move at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Are evaluations comparative?

Evaluations are non-comparative and unbiased. Every evaluation is customized to the product and tested in an operational environment. Additionally, industry and technical experts are carefully selected to ensure a fair and high-quality process.

What if I fail the evaluation?

An evaluation is not designed to be a pass or fail process. The goal of the process is to validate a products ability to enhance sports safety and security operations. The process allows for products and processes to be refined prior to evaluation. Following the evaluation, practitioners can review the report to determine if the solution is right for their safety and security programs.

How much does a product evaluation cost?

While costs are typically between $15k - $20k, the cost of an evaluation will vary based on location, industry expertise requirements, duration, and facility requirements.